Over a decade of developing brands, both on the client and agency sides, with a commercially successful portfolio of branded communication ranging from TV to Twitter. YAZOO is a prime example of repositioning a dated brand with a newer, friendlier proposition that focuses not only the consumer, but the shopper too.


Sound research skills coupled with seasoned intuition to help simplify business complexity and build brand strategies that fortify the creative idea - without losing sight of the customer. Both Swarovski and Precision demonstrate how my insights informed their CRM and brand strategies respectively.


End-to-end brand planning experience, ranging from inception to repositioning, gained via working on projects spanning CRM, UX, PR and CSR. My Whirlpool work shows how understanding the audience ecosystem can lead to powerful, yet previously overlooked, consumer touch-points.


Built and leading a commercial community of 4,000 culinary aficionados, food writers and chefs. This has doubled over the last two years at Babur. My digital reputation work for the Babur brand is powered solely through social strategy. The idea, to this day, is to pickup the right conversations with the right people. 


Created the Founded U internship programme, selected and nurtured over two dozen international interns at Founded for 3+ years. Currently providing planning mentorship and support per request.


Expansive self-taught design capabilities to help embroider strategic arguments with a visual panache, for convincing results. Here are some examples of my work.


Innate understanding of European, South-Asian and American cultures learnt from working for multiple brands across the world. Connect the dots here.


Honeywell • HP • Logitech • National Express • PayPoint • Sky • Swarovski • TK Maxx  • UNIQLO • Whirlpool • YAZOO